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Shearer's Quarters

Green Acres

If this is what it means to live on a sheep farm, then I’m ready to move to a meadow. Standing on an island off the…

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Special Delivery

With our ability to access the entire world with smartphones, laptops and tablets, is society starved for the element of surprise? Maybe that’s part of the…

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modern living room

Brew’s Clues

While it’s not uncommon for the furniture in your home to have a backstory—the vintage find scored on a street corner, a chair that you fell…

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Annette Joseph

5 Questions with Annette Joseph

We discovered Annette Joseph when we read about her magical transformation of Gwenyth Paltrow’s modern abode in Nashville where she lived while filming “County Strong.” As an Atlanta-based producer and…

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modern entryway

Create a Modern Entryway

We’ve all been there. The piles of shoes. The mate-less mittens. The heap of jackets. A disorganized entry makes your home feel chaotic and cramped right…

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