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Greater Than AIDS campaign

Next time you hit the highway, keep an eye out for our friends Andre and Albert. Andre, an employee at our San Francisco Delivery Center, and his partner Albert are front and center in a national ad campaign for the organization Greater Than AIDS. Their handsome mugs can be seen on billboards and posters across the U.S., encouraging people to get tested for HIV.

Greater Thank AIDS campaign

This isn’t their first time sticking their neck, er…face, out for HIV/AIDS awareness. In early 2010, Albert found a Craigslist ad seeking a gay African-American couple for the same organization. The website featured HIV-positive and HIV-negative people from all backgrounds telling their story, explaining why they are greater than AIDS. They quickly responded. Later they learned they were the only people who came forward to participate. With a heightened sense of urgency, they shared their story for the Deciding Moments campaign, which appeared in major publications, including Essence and OUT magazine.

Andre is proud to be part of a national discussion about HIV/AIDS, and visually present for his community. “It is important to me that young, gay males, especially in the black community have someone to look up to and see in a positive light—someone like them.”

Here at Room & Board, we’ve always held the work of AIDS organizations close to our hearts. We’ve supported local organizations with our time and money since going into business in 1980, and staff members can contribute to AIDS organizations through payroll deductions. We encourage the time and energy Andre gives to this cause. When the I Got Tested campaign launched, we featured it on our internal company website. It meant something to Andre. “It was amazing to share our story. If  I were to compare to previous jobs, I’m not sure it would have happened.”

Photos from Greater Than Aids 

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