Stylish and Functional Cubicles


How often do you hear the word “cubicle” and “style” used in the same sentence? Let me guess: not ever, right? The average cubicle lacks cozy feel and personalized style. However, for Room & Board’s Design Associates at Shop From Home in our Minneapolis headquarters, their cubicle is a second home, and they want it to feel as comfortable as possible. Each Design Associate is given their own cubicle with an L-shaped desk, office chair and storage cabinet. Any décor or additional furnishing is up to the individual.

A Design Associate for eight years, Zach H. explained his motivation for decorating. “I can’t imagine helping customers furnish their home if I’m surrounded by bare walls. I work better—and am more inspired—when I feel at home in my space.” Zach created an asymmetrical frame wall showcasing photos and artwork that provides a clean, modern aesthetic. For an added comedic effect, he displays his ever-growing collection of toy woodland animals. “It makes me smile every time I see them!”


Small spaces like cubicles lend themselves to accessories such as frames  and wall shelves. With extensive options for colors, materials and size, the design opportunities are endless. “I love to mix and match frames,” Design Associate Jennifer M. said. “It’s a unique way to add depth to vertical space.” Jennifer also added the Moda cubby for additional storage space. “Rather than piling papers and stuff on my desk and chair, the additional shelving gives me more space and makes the cube feel less cluttered.”


Tippy M. also uses frames in her workspace, but adds another element: greenery. “Small plants and terrariums are a wonderful way to add color and texture to your work environment,” Tippy advised. “Just make sure you remember to water it!”


If plants, kids’ drawings or modern wall art aren’t your thing, there’s always another option. Dylan G. has been a Design Associate for two years, but has loved Whitney Houston since he was in sixth grade. “I saw her perform on the MTV Music Awards, and I fell in love. It felt right to put her photo by the flag—she’s an American icon, after all.” Talk about creative décor!


So, we showed you our space, now tell us about yours! How do you make your cubicle or office space feel like home?

Photos by Room & Board

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