The Fastest Kitchen Makeover Ever


At the top of almost every homeowner’s wish list is a kitchen with more space and more storage. But short of tearing out the walls and remodeling, how can you make your kitchen work smarter? Add an island. These kitchen workhorses give you more storage, more counter space and more efficiency without the expense and hassle of a full-room overhaul! New for 2014, our modern kitchen islands are handcrafted from solid wood and come in your choice of food-prep-friendly top materials—from granite and quartz composite to 3”-thick butcher-block. Fisher features a great mix of materials with your choice of wood and stainless steel, while Keller is made from solid wood with no visible hardware.

Both designs are available in three sizes. A great solution for small spaces, even the 27”-square size packs a ton of functionality into a tiny footprint. If you’re like me and struggle to make the most of your postage-stamp sized kitchen (cookie sheets laid across the stove for more “counter space,” regular trips to the attic to fetch the roasting pan or muffin tins), you’ll appreciate how much the lower shelf and deep drawer can hold.

Photo by Room & Board

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