Color Inspiration: The Winter Games


There’s something about The Games that makes my heart burst with patriotic pride. Maybe it’s the athletes standing proudly on the podium, quietly singing the national anthem while the flag rises above the arena. Maybe it’s the nervous parents in the stands, or the thrill of watching someone achieve their dream. It can warm the coldest of winter souls.

Since I won’t be hitting the slalom course or pulling off any triple axels, I’ll be looking for other ways to show my team U.S.A. spirit. This will no doubt include watching countless hours of DVR’d coverage. But I’m also thinking about freshening up my décor with some games-inspired accessories. The blue, yellow, black, green and red of the rings are timeless colors that are easy to incorporate. And nothing chants “USA! USA!” like a vintage American flag.  Check out these other ideas:

This colorful frame wall would be a fun addition to a white kitchen or a kids room.

Steel frames in colors, $109 each. More sizes, colors and finishes available.

This pillows + throw ensemble works year round thanks to the mix of textures and vibrant colors. Try it with a gray, tan or cream sofa for an easy update.


Vance velvet pillow in indigo, $99; Sheepskin  pillow in gray, $99; Terra pillow in red, $129; Basket pillow in yellow, $129; Mohair pillow in verdiche, $169; Merino plaid throw in red, $139.

Or bring home the gold (forgive me) with metallics:RNB_metallic_olympics

John Robshaw limited edition blockprints, $599 each; Shimmer 13×22″ pillows in gold and silver, $69 each; Rain pillow in white, $129; Custom Lind ottoman in shimmer cream, $599; Open End steel tray in gold, $79; Pixo LED table lamp, $205.

What other unexpected places have you found color inspiration? Tell  us all about it in the comments!

Photos by Room & Board

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