Stand In the Place Where You Work


You’ve probably heard the disturbing news. Sitting for extended periods of time—like a lot of us do at work– has been linked to increases in heart disease, obesity and diabetes. And NPR recently reported on a new study that links sedentary behavior with a greater liklihood of being disabled after age 60.  Unfortunately, working out regularly doesn’t decrease your risk for these conditions.

Great. So what are we supposed to do? Thankfully, the answer is pretty simple. Stand up and get moving.

At Room & Board, we’ve being working on doing just that. For the past few months, some of us around the office have been trying out our new ergonomic workspace options—the Float® desk from Humanscale® and the ErgoErgo stool.

The Float adjustable standing desk lets you quickly alternate between standing and sitting while you work. Which, as it turns out, is a great idea. According to the ergonomics experts at Humanscale, standing for as little as three minutes each hour resets your body’s metabolism just enough to counteract the previous 57 minutes of sitting. While three minutes is good, Humanscale notes that splitting your day 50/50 between standing and sitting is best. So that was our goal when we decided to make the switch.

It’s fair to say we had some trepidation about abandoning our sedentary ways. Would our feet hurt? Would we feel more tired from standing so much? Turns out the opposite was true. While we quickly learned comfortable footwear is key, everyone on our team who’s tried the desk has felt more energized throughout the day. And since it’s so simple to switch the Float desk from a standing to a sitting position, it was easy to take a break when we needed to. Here’s my coworker, Sara, showing us how it’s done.

A great compliment to a standing desk is an active seat—anything that lets you wiggle and wobble around while you’re sitting, which strengthens your core and burns calories. Many of us here have a fitness ball, but we don’t love a) how dingy they become b) their tendency to roll off when we’re not looking and c) their space-hogging ways. Enter the ErgoErgo stool. Part sculpture, part spring and all fun.

ergo stool Stand In the Place Where You Work

ErgoErgo stool

This clever little stool stays put, takes up minimal space and doesn’t require inflating. The accordion design allows you to rock and bounce, but the semi-pliable plastic feels more supportive than a fitness ball. We’re all loving this new addition to our office. In fact, some of us are so smitten we’re ditching our desk chairs all together. My co-worker Dianna, above, is in that camp. She’s even dressing to match her ErgoErgo now. (Just kidding. The matching fox sweater is purely coincidental. And adorable.)

dbrevised Stand In the Place Where You Work

If we like bouncing our way to good health, imagine how much kids would love the ErgoErgo. Check out all the fun colors for the kid-sized version, which we just started offering online this week.

Do you have a standing desk or an alternative to a desk chair that you love? Tell us all about it in the comments!

Photos by Room & Board

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