Stylish, Functional Stools


We introduced several new, modern stools in 2014. Made by American artisans, using time-honored techniques, each one has its own personality.

stewart Stylish, Functional Stools

Stewart Stool

When I bought the solid wood Stewart stool, I didn’t foresee the myriad ways Stewie (as it’s known in my house) would actually be used, such as:

  • The perfect perch for guitar practice. The Stewart stool has stretchers at different heights on the legs so it works as well for my 10-year-old daughter as for my husband.
  • Tripod for an iPad®. When my kids and their friends make dance videos, Stewie holds the iPad steady.
  • Handy end table. It’s sized right for a magazine and a cup of coffee.

dell Stylish, Functional Stools

Dell Stool

darbymaple Stylish, Functional Stools

Darby Stool

Our stools are a winning combination of versatility and good looks. How would you use them in your home?

Photos by Room & Board

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