New Year, New You: Organizing with Modern Accessories


So you’re a few weeks in to your resolution to organize your home and keep better track of things. How’s it going? Yup. Us, too. Most people tend to fall off the resolution wagon a few weeks into the new year. But with the right tools, it can become much easier—and more beautiful—to create an organized home.

Conquer Clutter

From piles of mail and magazines to wayward craft supplies, sometimes all you need is a designated area to keep like-items contained until you’re ready to deal with them. Stop the sprawl with versatile pieces like our felt baskets, magazine stands and steel trays. In the entryway, living room or office, these accessories corral your stacks of stuff, but keep them in plain sight so you don’t forget about them.


Easy Access

Sometimes just a small shift can streamline your routine to make comings and goings less stressful. When winter coats, scarves, mittens and boots threaten to bust through closet doors, creating an “everyday” space for the most-used items makes sense. A coat rack in the entry or mud room keeps jackets dry and at the ready. Or install wall hooks and give every family member their own designated spot—and at just the right height. You could even assign a color to each person so even the most reluctant members of the household have no excuse for leaving backpacks or bags on the floor.


Unexpected Storage

Instead of trying to cram more things into drawers and cupboards, take a different tack and discover unused spaces for storage or display. A wheeled under-bed storage drawer in your kid’s room can hold everything from toy trains and blocks to out-of-season clothes or sports equipment. For special collections that are gathering dust in the attic or are scattered in nooks and crannies throughout your home, try installing wood or steel ledges and shelves. They take up minimal space, but hold plenty, and can be hung just about anywhere to make the most of every inch of wall space.


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