Think Outside the Grid


I recently became a first-time homeowner and one of the things I’ve looked forward to the most was hanging picture frames. As a renter, we were limited in what we could do, but now, the wall is our oyster. Unsure of where to start (and armed with a freshly painted wall and a stack of bubble-wrapped frames), I turned to our art director, Nancy Stancati, for advice.

“Think outside the grid,” Nancy said. “Create an asymmetrical frame wall to shake things up a bit. There are endless options with Room & Board’s frames.”

The key to creating an asymmetrical frame wall is balance in the layout. “An organic arrangement invites a mix of frame sizes and styles and breaks from the uniform grid layout,” Nancy explained. “If you align the frames’ edges along a vertical or horizontal axis, the style will look deliberate, not messy.”


If the frames extend beyond the width of the furniture, keep the lower edge of the frames roughly six inches above the top of the horizontal axis, so the frames are in scale whether you’re sitting or standing.


Nancy also advised to keep the images uniform or within a theme for great graphic treatment. For added consistency, use the frame as a guide. “Having the space between each frame the same as the thickness of the frame itself creates a feeling of uniformity,” she added.


Thanks to Nancy and our Design a Frame Wall guide, I feel inspired and ready to tackle the project. Now, if I could only remember where I packed our hammer and nails…

Photos by Room & Board

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