Shining the Light on Pricing


Every March and October we participate in the National Lighting Event. Room & Board, along with many other retailers, offers 15% off lighting from Artemide, Flos, Modernica and Pablo. This event always prompts questions from our customers because we aren’t known for our sales. In fact, we’re known for not having sales.  So we thought we’d take a moment to (ahem) shine some light on our pricing philosophy.

How we do business

Our approach can be boiled down to this: you always get our best price when you shop with us. In a landscape where most retailers set their regular prices increasingly higher so they can periodically offer steep discounts to spur business, we choose to set our everyday prices lower and hold them steady for the year. No digging for promo codes, no fighting through Black Friday crowds—the price is the price.

Part of what makes this practice successful is the way we create our furniture and accessories. We design the vast majority of our products in-house and partner directly with American manufacturers to build them. (In fact, more than 90% of our products are American made.) With no distributor or dealer in between us and the design-and-build process, we have greater control over our quality and also our costs. The money we save by operating this way translates to a lower price for a higher quality piece of furniture. In other words, we offer a great value for your investment, every day.

Even though it may not be the norm, we love being able to provide consistent pricing. It allows everyone to shop at their own pace and eliminates the worry that you’re missing out on a deal. We’ve also noticed that our no-sales environment gives people the freedom to buy what they really love, not what’s on sale this week. It means less buyer’s remorse and happier shopping. A win-win.


The (designer) elephant in the room

I know what you’re thinking—so what’s with this 15% off sale, then?! Remember when I said most of our products are designed by us and made exclusively for Room & Board? Well, the other sliver of our assortment comes from companies who create amazing products that blend beautifully with our aesthetic. Companies like Artemide, Flos, Modernica and Pablo. Brands that are trusted resources for modern design and share our exacting standard of quality.  We’re selective in whose products are allowed under our roof and by extension, yours.

However, Room & Board isn’t alone in carrying these brands. And every retailer who does is bound by strict pricing agreements. This ensures that when you’re out looking for a NelsonTM pendant or a Tolomeo task lamp, it’s the same price everywhere you shop. The brand, not the retailers who carry it, decides when sales are held and for how long. Hence the 15% off lighting event here, there, and everywhere. Even at steady-price Room & Board.

There are a few times a year that sales like these roll around. The National Lighting Event is every March and October, and Herman Miller® products typically go on sale every June and November.  We also have an annual clearance sale for our discontinued Room & Board products every December. If you sign up for our email list, we’ll make sure you get notified of these sales. And that’s really all there is to know.


More than you bargained for

National sales events are an exception to our usual pricing philosophy, but you can still be assured you’re always getting the lowest price available when you buy these licensed items from us. You also get some bonuses. Like our free UPS shipping for small items, customer service from people who love nothing more than to make you happy, and free returns if something doesn’t work out. We also keep most of our products in stock for fast delivery. And speaking of delivery, our Delivery Associates are the best in the business. These are things that don’t have a sale price, but they certainly have value.

We’re looking forward to talking more about our philosophies on this blog. What questions do you have for us? What other companies do you admire that have a similar philosophy on pricing? We’d love to answer your questions and keep the conversation going.

Photos by Room & Board

4 Responses to “Shining the Light on Pricing”

    • Lyndsay LeClair

      The next National Lighting Event will be in March, which would include the Elise lamp from Pablo. If you sign up for our email list, we’ll notify you when the sale starts.

  1. Benny Tsai


    I missed the March lighting sale. When will be the next one?


    • Lyndsay LeClair

      Hi Benny, the next lighting sale will be in October. If you sign up for our email list, you’ll be notified when the sale starts. Thanks!


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