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In a world where everything is digital, I find myself longing for tangible objects. I buy hardcover books, make mix CDs for friends instead of playlists and write thank you notes with stamps rather than emails. Don’t get me wrong—I love technology. Without my phone, I wouldn’t know where to go or when to be there. But in January, I received a wonderful birthday gift from a good friend that changed my offline planning life: a wood clipboard calendar by Artifact Uprising.

Each month featured a different photo (she worked with my fiancé to get our engagement pictures) and a quote about love. I was speechless. Each month is printed on thick but not stiff paper and there’s a magnet on the back for hanging.

After I called and thanked my friend for the beautiful present, I searched online to learn more about the company. Based in Colorado, Artifact Uprising is “inspired by the disappearing beauty of the tangible.” They offer a number of products, ranging from hard and soft cover books to wood blocks to postcards. You can even download their iPhone app and create a softcover book in minutes, uploading photos right from Instagram.

Artifact Uprising - Wood Block

Just like Room & Board, Artifact Uprising is committed to being kind stewards to the Earth. Currently, the Rocky Mountain forests are being ravaged by a pine beetle infestation, leaving more than 4 million acres of fallen pine trees. Rather than using healthy trees, they repurpose the beetle-kill pine and work with local woodworkers and sawmills to provide wood products sourced right from their backyard.

Artifact Uprising Wood Block 2

What are your favorite companies that turn your photos into tangible treasures?

P.S. We do not get paid to promote the people, places and things we share with you on our blog. Nor do we accept gifts (as fun as that sounds). You’ll read a lot about Room & Board and our products, of course, but when we share things from outside our walls, it simply means we love it and want you to know about it.

Photos by Room & Board and Artifact Uprising

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