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I’m a big fan of swivel chairs. Being able to spin around and around fills me with youthful glee. They’re practical, too—swivel chairs are the perfect solution for great rooms or any space where you might want the option to face two different directions. For example, you can be watching TV and then swivel around to talk to someone in the kitchen (please, don’t get up). Seriously, if you have an open floor plan you should consider letting a swivel chair or two change your life.

If swiveling is great indoors, why not enjoy a swivel chair outside? That was our thought when we designed our new Crest outdoor swivel chair. Crest has a few big sisters in the outdoor swivel family, like Palm and Maya, but they’re exactly that—big. (No offense, sisters.) If you have a small outdoor space, like a porch or balcony, Crest will fit right in with a compact 31” by 31” footprint.  The curved design and sloped “arms” means there are no hard edges to bump into as you stand up to get more iced tea. And speaking of iced tea, it would wipe right off of the Sunbrella® fabric if you happen to spill.

Crest Outdoor Swivel Chairs

Crest Swivel Chairs in Sunbrella Canvas Yellow

The seat cushion, which looks like it would be loose, is actually attached so it can’t blow away in the wind. And the last bullet point of my sales pitch—Crest can come inside for the winter. How cute would it be in a kid’s room or tucked in the corner of an office?

Crest Outdoor Swivel Chair

Here’s the Crest getting cozy in a kid’s room

It turns out our customers agree. Since we introduced Crest in January, swivel lovers have been buying it for indoor spaces and outdoor spaces alike. We can take a hint. In June, we’ll welcome Crest’s twin sister, Celeste, dressed in indoor fabric and leather. In the meantime, if you want to order Crest with a different fabric than Sunbrella, talk to one of our Design Associates and they’ll make it happen. They’re good like that.

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Photos by Room & Board

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