Defy the Elements


Why do we use Sunbrella® fabric for our outdoor upholstery and pillows? Simple: It resists fading, chlorine, stains and mildew. But did you ever wonder why Sunbrella lasts and lasts when other, seemingly similar fabrics fall short?

Sunbrella uses a “carrot and radish” analogy to explain the difference. Sunbrella fabric is like a carrot; the color is solution dyed to go to the core of every fiber. Other dyed textiles only have color applied to the surface of the yarn but not all the way through—much like a radish which is red on the outside, but white inside. So when you buy our modern outdoor furnishings with Sunbrella, you’re choosing durability that you’ll enjoy for years to come.

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Kea pillows

Photos by Room & Board 

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