The Future’s Bright with LEDs

Clamp LED table lamp

Clamp LED table lamp

LED lighting is the future. While CFLs do offer energy savings and a low upfront cost, LEDs have several advantages. In addition to lasting three times longer than CFLs and requiring fewer watts of electricity, LEDs don’t flicker, they can be dimmed, and they perform better in cold temperatures. For these reasons and more, people are increasingly choosing to replace their incandescent bulbs with LED bulbs to save energy at home and at work.

Room & Board is a big believer in LEDs as well. Not only have we converted our stores to LED lighting (see our  recent post about that project), we’re also seeing an uptick in innovative LED lamp designs. Instead of having a traditional bulb, these task and floor lamps feature built-in LED light sources that take up a fraction of the space. We can tell that our lighting partners, like Pablo®, Humanscale® and Flos® are having fun with this new-found freedom.

Here are a few modern LED lamps that we love now—and will love for the next 50,000 hours, which is the low-end of their estimated life span. Before you grab your calculator, that’s 17 years of light if you have it on for eight hours every single day.

Clamp LED Table Lamp

Clamp LED table lamp

Name: Clamp LED table lamp

Notable features: gorgeous wood, charming fabric-covered cord, 360-degree arm rotation, fully height adjustable, hi-low dim control, arrives flat packed and is easy to assemble/disassemble

Light output: 9-watt LED provides 485 lumens of bright white light (similar to a 60-watt incandescent)

Tab LED floor lamp

Tab LED floor lamp

Name: Tab LED floor lamp

Notable features: fresh take on familiar pharmacy lamp, shade rotates 45 degrees in each direction to send light where you need it, foot switch keeps your hands free

Light output: 5-watt LED provides 425 lumens of bright white light (similar to a 60-watt incandescent)

Horizon LED table lamp

Horizon™ LED task lamp

Name: Horizon™ LED task light

Notable features: seven light levels plus nightlight setting, ball joints for fluid, one-hand adjustability, color accuracy worthy of a designer’s desktop, part of MoMA’s permanent collection

Light output: 9-watt LED produces 360 lumens of bright white light (similar to a 40-watt incandescent)

One of the best things about these lamps is that they practically pay for themselves over time. No joke! If you were to use a 60-watt incandescent bulb for 50,000 hours (the estimated life span of the lamps above), it would cost $300 assuming your electricity costs 10 cents per KWh (which is on the low end). Meanwhile, it would only cost you $50 in electricity to run your LED lamp for 50,000 hours. If you factor in the 42 replacement light bulbs you won’t have to buy during that time, you would save another $50. All told, you stand to save over $300. And you get to feel good about doing your part to save the planet. I don’t know about you, but I’m starting to see the light.

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