Healthy Lunch Club

Avocado Chicken Salad

Every Monday through Thursday, two dozen employees at Room & Board’s corporate office enjoy a delicious and healthy buffet. But there’s no on-site chef or catering service—instead, the bounty is served up by participants in the company’s Healthy Lunch Club.

Each member of the club cooks lunch once every two weeks, offering eight servings of their recipe. Guidelines, such as a 500-calorie maximum, including at least one vegetable and using whole grains, ensure the food stays healthy yet filling. “I joined for the convenience of having lunch ready for you,” says Susan Timmerman, Product Data Specialist and coordinator of the group. “But I like the guidelines that keep it healthy.”

From turkey burgers to chicken salad-stuffed avocados to cauliflower couscous, there’s always something new to try. “People sharing recipes is the best part,” says Susan. “It’s such a good way to build your own collection.”

Interested in forming your own Healthy Lunch Club? Here are three tips to help you get started:

  • Find out how many people are interested to determine the number of days per week you can have Healthy Lunch Club. For example, our club has 24 members and provides lunch Monday through Thursday. That means three people per day each provide eight servings of lunch.
  • Come up with guidelines based on the nutrition components most important to your group. You could focus on calories, total fat or grams of sugar—or a combination.
  • Inspire members by providing a list of resources like food blogs or a community binder filled with printed recipes. Some of our favorite sites include Cooking Light, Food 52 and 101 Cookbooks.

To learn even more, this Cooking Light article provides additional details about the Room & Board Healthy Lunch Club. What’s your favorite healthy recipe?

Photos by Room & Board

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