Top 3 Websites for the Modern Man

Harper Recliner

With Father’s Day around the corner, we’ve rounded up our top three sites for the modern man for gift-giving inspiration.

Uncrate is the leading online buyer’s guide for all things man-related. Featuring more than 9,000 products (with more added every day), Uncrate has curated the latest home, tech and style items.


Inventory started as an online magazine in 2009 but is now a biannual publication that offers a “unique and global perspective on design, craftsmanship and culture.” Their stories focus on brands, designers and artists with a commitment to quality and a desire for innovation. Plus, the well-written articles and breathtaking photos make it a delightful read.


Well Spent is an influential men’s style blog founded by Brad Bennett, a man with a passion for American-made, sustainable design. Well Spent spotlights “honestly crafted” products, ranging from clothing to home goods. For the finer things in life, check out their monthly feature Instead of Rent to see top-of-the-line products that will cost you, well, rent.

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Tell us – what are your favorite men’s websites?

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