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Did you know that you might be enjoying Room & Board furniture at a hotel, doctor’s office or even your favorite coffee shop? From furnishing an entire residential development to outfitting a single office, Room & Board Business Interiors helps create beautiful and functional spaces. And our team of expert Design Associates understands the unique needs of businesses. They can help with everything from floor planning and product suggestions to commercial rating information. We spoke with one customer about her experience working with our Business Interiors team.

Ink Coffee Shop

Ink Coffee Shop

Sharon Cohn is the director of design and construction for Solaris, a residential and retail complex in the heart of Vail, Colorado. When Solaris created luxury long-term rentals as part of their property, Sharon had to furnish four units very quickly. “I stopped into the Room & Board showroom in Denver on my way to the airport. I told the Design Associate, ‘I have four floor plans and two hours.’ She handled it beautifully. We were able to completely furnish those four units in one short visit.”

Photography by Nathan Hindman, courtesy of Inspirato

Solaris property in Vail, Colorado

As an additional 45 rental units were created, Sharon worked with Room & Board Business Interiors. “I have done most of the project through the website and over the phone, without seeing the pieces in person. I was never disappointed. Everything matched my expectations.”

She later returned to Room & Board for furniture in some of the public spaces of the development. “I’ve used Room & Board throughout the project from the pool area to outdoor furniture—even the outdoor tables at the restaurant and coffee shop.”

She also appreciated the expert delivery service. Sharon estimates that she saved thousands in delivery costs because each piece is unpacked, assembled and placed as part of Room & Board’s standard service, and delivery fees are based on your location, not how much you buy. “I don’t need a designer’s or contractor’s discount because of the flat rate delivery,” says Sharon.


Executive office

With Room & Board Business Interiors, you can trust that you, your employees and your customers will enjoy a beautiful, functional space.

Photos by Room & Board and Nathan Hindman

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