Visual Picks: 2015 Accessories


Room & Board Visuals design inspiring showroom environments that help give our customers ideas and inspiration to create homes they love.  Given their passion and love of all things design, I decided to ask them which new products from our new modern accessories collection are striking their fancy.

Emily Wermel in Denver: 

“The beach prints by Nicolas Le Beuan Benic. I love how light and fresh they feel and that you create a color palette off them that is versatile (light colors for summery feel or darker hues like navy to ground it a bit more). And who doesn’t love the beach?! The scale is nice for placement over a dresser, console, dining buffet, bed or bookshelf. They’re useable as a standalone piece of art or grouped together.”


Angela Belt in Washington, DC: 

“The Good nesting bowls from Material Good. I absolutely love them, and all the color options. Plus, you cannot beat the price for an American-made product! I will definitely be taking home a set (or two) in the near future.”


Lynn Carey in SoHo:

“The Crane lamp. It’s clean and modern, but also chic and dramatic in the right context. And it works with pretty much everything so you can’t go wrong!”


Julianne Johnson in Seattle: 

“My fall lighting favorite is the Silvered pendant collection by Hennepin Made. The silver leaf takes on a warm, golden glow when melted into the glass. They remind me of fireflies or flickering candles. Pretty magical.”


Sarah M. Ohlson Saunders in Boston: 

“I adore the new Cloak pendants. They are a stunning marriage of porcelain, walnut and brass. Finished beautifully with the braided cord. Slightly larger in scale, these are great in a cluster or on their own. I see these as a gorgeous addition to any room in the home.”


Photos by Room & Board

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