Thanksgiving Tips & Tricks


It’s hard to believe Thanksgiving is less than one week away. To make the holiday more festive and fun, we’ve gathered (pun intended) the following five links to help you effortlessly tackle everything from basting to baking.

  • Download Bon Appetit’s Thanksgiving app, a guide featuring classic recipes, a scheduling tool and how-to videos. Available for iPhone, iPad or iPad mini. (Did we mention it’s free?)
  • Update an old favorite without starting from scratch. Smitten Kitchen’s recipe for pecan praline sauce is perfect to drizzle over your standby pumpkin pie recipe. This is one winning trifecta: butter, sugar and cream.
  • Make your guests feel extra special with these easy DIY place cards. It’s the Thanksgiving version of high returns on a small investment.
  • Check out The United States of Thanksgiving, a comprehensive list of holiday recipes unique to each state compliments of The New York Times. It’s interesting to see what regional specialties made the list.  (Grape salad for Minnesota? We think not!)
  • Hitting the road? Treat yourself to some new luggage. We love this hardshell carry-on from Jetmor. Think of it as our Berkeley dresser to go. A perfect size to fit everything you’ll need over the long weekend.

Written by Jacob Olson, Room & Board’s social media intern; photo from The New York Times

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