Friday High Five: Travel Smarter

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Whether you’re in a train, plane or automobile, travel smarter with these five finds this holiday season.

  • Make your upcoming airport visit a little less chaotic with the Bluesmart Connected Carry-On. This self-weighing suitcase has easy access pockets for electronics, a built-in USB charging station, a GPS tracking system and an accompanying app to ensure your luggage is never truly lost.
  • Wallpaper magazine’s City Guides are stylish solutions for travelers wondering what to do in a new destination. The publication brings its signature editorial style to the world of travel for more than 100 cities in the form of print editions (featuring Pantone color covers) and apps for your phone and tablet.
  • Save your skin from dry planes and cold runways this winter with Kiehl’s Healthy Skin Essentials Kit. Featuring their bestselling products, the kit offers perfectly proportioned products in airport-friendly sizes.
  • Full battery life is on everyone’s holiday wish list. Don’t let long flights or layovers drain your battery with the Lumsing Portable Charger.
  • Restore your biological rhythm and take control of your sleep after travel with the Jetlag App. It helps calculate a better sleep pattern based on your arrival and departure times within timezones and offers suggestions on when to sleep, eat and drink. We’ll cheers to that!

Written by Jacob Olson, Room & Board’s social media intern; photo by Phaidon

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