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‘Tis the season for parties and we want to know how to be the host (or the guest) with the most. We asked Washington, D.C.’s acclaimed event planner Andre Wells 10 questions about planning the perfect party and what makes him tick.

  1. Where do you go for inspiration? I travel! I am lucky and blessed to be able to travel the world and am always so inspired when I visit a new country, state or city. I get to learn about the culture and see so many new things.
  2.  What makes a good party playlist? Know your audience. Include fun, upbeat hits from the decades and iconic songs, both past and present, like “Happy” by Pharrell Williams.
  3. Share three tips on becoming the hostest with the mostest. Be prepared, well organized and think about your guests’ experience and what they’d enjoy.
  4. What is your favorite party bite? Assorted soup sips or shooters in demitasse cups or shot glasses.
  5. How did you get into the event planning business? I’ve always wanted to be an event planner. I started it out as a fashion buyer and quickly made the transition. I have always been a bit left-brained and knew I had to end up in a creative career.
  6. What do you find most rewarding about your job? I help people create memories. There are no second chances in what we do: a product launches once; a bride can’t have the same wedding twice. We have to be good listeners, detailed oriented and great at our craft.
  7. Choose three people (dead or alive) to invite to your dream dinner party. Carolina Herrera, Oscar de la Renta and Margaret Russell.
  8. What won’t we catch you without? My iPad.
  9. If you were a piece of furniture, what would you be and why? A table, for sure. There are so many deals done at a table – memories made, laughs had, thoughts shared and blessings given.
  10. What is your guilty pleasure? Browsing Instagram, and collecting and looking at home and shelter magazines.

 Photo by Andre Wells

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