Friday High Five: Design Documentaries

FH5 Docs

Want an excuse (or five) to stay in this weekend? Here are our favorite design documentaries to watch or stream online.

  • There’s a good chance you already know the work of Lella & Massimo Vignelli, two of world’s most influential designers. In their film Design Is One, the Vignelli’s have surrounded themselves with a world of their own design by creating iconic signage, corporate identities, furniture and more.
  • In Art & Copy, Director Doug Pray’s study in advertising introduces viewers to some of the most creative and successful minds in the industry.
  • While the size of the average American home has nearly doubled since 1970, a few are shrinking. Tiny: A Story About Living Small showcases a unique coming-of-age story for Christopher Smith, a man determined to live on a smaller scale.
  • Bill Cunningham: New York is a moving biography that follows Bill Cunningham, a fashion photographer most famous for his spreads in the The New York Times. Now in his eighties, Cunningham still roams the streets of New York photographing real people, ultimately creating some of fashion’s biggest trends.
  • Director Gary Hustwit’s feature-length series The Design Trilogy: Helvetica, Urbanized and Objectified focuses on all aspects of design as a part of daily life—from fonts to furniture to freeways.

 Written by Jacob Olson, Room & Board’s social media intern; photo from Amazon


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