Leather Gets Even Better with Age

Wine, cheese, scotch, leather: it turns out all of these things are just like the other when it comes to getting better with age. We are partial to the last point listed because we’re dedicated to bringing you a sophisticated selection of leathers, including unique colors, supple finishes and exceptional quality.

Your leather furniture can act as a timeline, with flecks and markings shown through use that make it representative of your lifestyle. Natural markings and color variations are considered the hallmarks of fine leather and are part of each hide’s inherent beauty. We use all top-grain or full-grain leathers to ensure our products are only made with the best part of the hide. They are durable, breathable, buttery soft and the best quality hides available in the furniture industry.

Furniture crafted with material as dynamic as leather creates a beautiful focal point in any room. Make a bold statement with a dignified leather sofa in your home office, or stretch out and relax in the living room with our Boden chair, a Room & Board favorite. No matter where you choose to feature your leather furniture, its timeless appeal will be welcome in any setting. When you purchase leather furniture, you are investing in a material that not only offers superior durability but also shows signs of a well-lived life.

Image by Room & Board

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