Make Room for Music


There’s nothing like spending time in a room you can’t get enough of. Maybe you’ve curated a spot in your home that’s perfect for cozy relaxation, hosting a dinner party or inspiring creative work, and now you just need that final touch. Discover your inner-DJ and complement your style by adding music to the mix.

In our stores, we focus on genres—mainly indie and modern Americana—that appeal to our customers’ tastes but also stay true to Room & Board’s style. Sticking with our style helps create an easy flow between rooms, songs and moods.

Room & Board teamed up with a music architect at Mood Media to create a soundscape, but you can easily put your preferred sounds together by streaming sites like Pandora, Spotify, or 8tracks. These sites let you explore music by genre, mood, artist or song and help you make a fine-tuned playlist that you’ll want on repeat. Making room for music is just one more way to show off your personal style and make a space your own.

Photo by Room & Board

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