New Rugs at Great Prices


A great rug is a good investment, but it doesn’t have to break the bank. Here are four new rugs from our 2015 collection that are handcrafted and timeless—and all under $1000.


Fast facts: 100% wool, hand-tufted. 3 sizes, 4 colors, $499-$899.

Why we love it: The heathered yarns make for flexible colors that easily mix with your other furniture. Dense, low loops feel plush and springy underfoot, plus they resist matting. This rug is a good choice for busy spots, thanks to the sturdy edges and backing that keep you from tripping on the corners.

Alder is available in (clockwise from top) Charcoal, Cement, Indigo and Taupe.

The Alder rug is available in (clockwise from top) Charcoal, Cement, Indigo and Taupe.

Avani and Avilia

Fast facts: 100% wool, reversible flat-weave. 3 sizes, $799-$999.

Why we love it: Great for an entryway. A low profile allows these rugs to easily fit under a door and they’re reversible for longer wear. Easygoing natural colors look great with warm browns and reds, or cool grays and blues. If you love tonal plus texture, these rugs are made for you.

Avani (left) and Avilia (right) are both flat-weave, reversible rugs.

Avani (left) and Avilia (right) are flat-weave, reversible rugs.


Fast facts: 100% felted wool, hand-woven. 2 colors, 3 sizes, $599-$999.

Why we love it: Two words: Felted. Wool. The felting process adds even more durability to this already-resilient fiber. Plus, it reduces the shedding that’s typical of high-quality wool rugs. We also love the color range in each rug, especially the blue (shown at top).

Mattea is available in Beige and Indigo

The Mattea rug is available in Beige and Indigo.

Something else to love: Rug samples! For a $25 refundable deposit, we’ll ship you a sample of any of our rugs so you can feel confident in your choice before you buy. Shipping is free both ways. Look for sample sizes in the pull-down menu that lists all the sizes for each rug. And don’t forget a rug pad to keep your new rug in place and make it last longer.

 Photos by Room & Board

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    Hi, Lyndsay LeClair I Really Appreciate your efforts. Home USA Brands You are some what true… but rather than criticizing you should have praised Lyndsay’s efforts.


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