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You’ve analyzed the teams and filled out your bracket. Now it’s time to get serious about watching basketball. We’re here to help you find the place of honor your television deserves with tips for finding your ideal media storage solutions.

Addison media storage with Celeste swivel chairs

Addison wall unit with Celeste swivel chairs

Size it up.

Finding the perfect media piece starts with two factors: the size of your television and the size of your room. All of our media pieces can handle the weight of most TVs sold today, but you’ll want to consider the dimensions so your piece looks proportional. A general guideline is that the TV should be no more than  two-thirds the length of the cabinet. Then, think about where cables outlets are located and how that impacts where you can place the piece in your room. If you want a cabinet with doors, consider how much room you have to open them. If it’s a tight fit, sliding doors are a great solution.

Berkeley media cabinet with Sanna chair

Berkeley media cabinet; Sanna chair

Know your needs.

Look at your current electronics and plan for the future. Will you add a cable box (or get rid of one)? If you’re going to put speakers or a sound bar inside of your cabinet, choose doors with a perforated front, like Berkeley shown above, that won’t muffle your music—and won’t block your remote control. Choose open shelves if you want to have easy access to all of your equipment.

Add a personal touch.

Adding decorative pieces helps the television blend into the rest of the room. Use artwork to create a gallery wall surrounding the TV. Place vases or lamps on the media center to soften the look. Books add color and downplay the look of the components. Of course, during the tournaments, add your lucky bobblehead doll to the display and cheer your team on to victory.

See our inspiration gallery for more media storage ideas.

Images by Room & Board

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