Meet the Maker: Restwell


It’s a popular New Year’s Resolution and often preached medical advice: get seven to nine hours of sleep a night. In theory, it should be the easiest and most relaxing of resolutions to spend one-third of every day in bed. But as with any endeavor, it helps to have the right equipment. For over a decade, Restwell has been Room & Board’s exclusive mattress partner.

Located in Eden Prairie, Minn., family-owned Restwell has been making mattresses since 1945. Restwell employees take the directive “make your bed!” to heart—every day. Just 10 long-tenured employees, which include two father-and-son teams, work on the Restwell production floor.

In the marketing-driven world of mattresses, Restwell stands out for the marketing it doesn’t do. The dollars saved on advertising campaigns allows the partnership with Room & Board to focus on high-quality materials, which means added value to our customers. The six mattress types that Restwell makes for Room & Board represent the best of what’s available across the industry.


A behind-the-scenes tour of Restwell stands out for its lack of noise—just the faint, comforting hum of sewing machines quilting the mattress covers, and the occasional crisp clip of scissors.


The floors are so clean and glossy reflections bounce up from them. Stacks of fresh white organic bio-cotton stands ready to be incorporated into the production process.


Springs from Missouri wait in queue with Certi-PUR-US® foam from Indiana and pure wool from New Zealand. The carefully selected and sourced materials create a longer lasting mattress—up to 15 years with normal use and care.


At the last step in the assembly process, spools of gold Kevlar thread spin while skilled Restwell veterans Scott and Dennis carefully walk around each mattress with a Singer sewing machine finishing the top edge.


Selecting a mattress is very personal and the ideal mattress is different for each one of us. If you can’t get to a Room & Board store to test the Goldilocks approach to mattress buying, check out our helpful Mattress Guide for detailed comparisons and Mattress Finder to help you hone in on the best sleep possible. Or, contact one of our Shop From Home Room & Board Design Associates who can speak from firsthand knowledge—err rest—about the differences between our mattresses.

Written by Jennifer Moore and photographed by Zach Herbst, Design Associates on Room & Board’s Shop From Home team

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