A Look at Our Lagoon Leather


Today we’re giving you a close-up view of one of our most popular leathers: Lagoon. You can find this gorgeous leather on our Callan (above), Chloe and Lola chairs, as well as our Wyatt bed and Bram sofa.

There’s a lot to love about Lagoon. It’s the type of leather that gets better with age, like your favorite leather jacket or well-worn baseball glove. As a full top-grain leather with a full-aniline finish, it’s known for its beautiful natural characteristics. (You can read all about the types of leather we offer in our leather guide.)

Scars, shading and wrinkles are what define the authenticity of this leather. In this post, we show you what those markings are so you know what to expect if you’re considering Lagoon for your furniture.

Here is an example of small scars that are typical in Lagoon and other full top-grain leathers with a full-aniline finish. Larger scars are also common, below. Scarred areas, amazingly, actually enhance the strength of the leather instead of weakening it.



Next is a beautiful example of the way that colors can vary depending on the natural grain, or texture, of the hide. There’s always a range of light to dark on each hide.


Because of Lagoon’s wax finish, it also displays a”pull-up” effect. This means that when the leather is stretched and pulled (for example, when it’s pulled over the arms of a chair during upholstering), a lighter color is revealed, providing even more beautiful variations in shading.

Over time as you use a chair or sofa, you’ll see darker areas where oil from your skin has been absorbed and lighter areas on the seats and back where the leather has been stretched with use. Note: In this video, we show an exaggerated example of stretching and pull-up in the leather. When the leather is pulled tight as upholstery on a piece of furniture, the change isn’t quite this extreme.

Wrinkles are also visible on all full top-grain hides. Again, it’s just as strong as the rest of the hide, but you’ll notice the variation in color and texture. You can see some scarring here.


One of the advantages of Lagoon is that light scratches can be easily rubbed out with your finger. The wax finish reacts to the heat from your hand and the hide absorbs enough moisture from your skin to make the scratch disappear. Magic.

All of these rich, varied characteristics are part of Lagoon’s inherent beauty and are also the hallmarks of a top-quality leather. In fact, only 5% of all hides meet the standards required to become full top-grain, full-aniline leathers. But we recognize this look isn’t for everyone. If you prefer a more consistent appearance, consider a leather with a semi-aniline finish.

We offer free leather swatches, which is a great way to check out a leather’s texture and finish before you buy. And as always, if you have any questions about our leathers, our Design Associates are here to help you find the best options for your home.

Photos and videos by Room & Board

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