Power Desks Make Homework a Breeze

Parsons desk with power/USB

Homework sure has changed since we were in school. Rather than sending kids home with textbooks (covered in paper bags for protection, of course), many schools equip students with laptops and tablets. Assignments are researched, written and turned in to teachers using the devices. Back in the day, “the dog ate my homework” was a viable excuse. Now, it’s “my iPad® ran out of battery.” Our Parsons (featured above) and Portica desks can help eliminate this problem. With four power outlets and four USB ports hidden on the underside of the desk, this design provides 10 amps of power for your kids’ electronics and keeps cords within easy reach. Available in your choice of durable tops with a large range of sizes, including custom options, these desks get an A+ in our books.

Portica desk with power/USB

The Portica desk with power and USB ports is available with a stainless steel base and a variety of top options.

Power and USB ports are easy to access.

Photos by Room & Board

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