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Freshly baked cookies. Crisp fall leaves. A letter from an old friend. These things are simple and sure to put a smile on your face. One more we’d add to the list? A well-made bed. It’s a quick, easy solution guaranteed to start your day off on the right foot. We connected with editor Michelle Slatalla and contributor Jackie Ashton from Remodelista, an online sourcebook featuring a curated selection of furnishings and accessories for the home. We asked them to share tips for styling a bed.

“I believe making the bed is the source of all happiness and serenity in life. If you have an unmade bed, you can’t be at peace,” Michelle said. “The bed should be easy to make; it should take 30 seconds max in the morning because you own the bed, the bed doesn’t own you. My three tips for making a bed are: 1) get the right pillows to make your bed look welcoming, 2) buy the right size comforter so it fills the duvet cover properly, and 3) ditch the top sheet—you don’t need a sheet and a duvet.”

Jackie read Charles Duhigg’s book, The Power of Habit, when she became a bed-making convert. “I never used to make my bed until I read [in the book] that bed-making was associated with productivity and better skills at sticking to a budget. I was intrigued, so I gave it a try and found that it worked really well for me. On the days that I made my bed, I felt better—more productive, more inspired and better able to tackle the day ahead. Gretchen Rubin, who wrote The Happiness Project, also explained that bed making was one of the little habits that she found most significantly changed people’s daily outlook. Imagine that—just three minutes to change your life! It turns out that studies have shown that making your bed is a keystone habit: a daily ritual that inspires other meaningful, positive change. Tidying the covers creates a domino effect—a motivation boost to check off other tasks (exercise, laundry, saying ‘no’ to the third margarita) that will boost overall happiness and health.”

What tips do you have for styling your perfect nighttime haven?

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9 Responses to “Bed Styling Tips from Remodelista”

  1. Maria Samano

    My husband makes the bed every morning. He says he has a certain way of making it. He doesn’t want me to make it anymore. Fine with me! He also washes dishes too! I love that he is retired. Oh, I have to have a flat sheet!

  2. patricia

    The top sheet goes over the entire bed, pillows and all to protect from the dog napping.

  3. Cassandra

    Hi- While this is a lovely little blog I was hoping to read about how to style my bed at home to look and feel like those in the R&B stores. Perhaps you can plan content for styling this month?? :0)

  4. Chris Boese

    Sorry, but the top sheet is required for people who have HOT FLASHES in the night! You kick off the duvet (goddess yes!) whilst you are roasticating, but keep the top sheet on so you don’t FREEZE as the sweat dries!

    Wake up and smell the estrogen!

  5. Helen Corey

    Cannot find a comfortable pillow. Am very sensitive to smells–feathers smell like wet chickens & synthetic pillows smell like chemicals. Can you recommend a pillow?

    • Mary L.

      Try a Tempurpedic pillow. I have used one for years and love it! And no more neck pain from a pillow that doesn’t support my neck!

  6. Mary L.

    The thought of not using a top sheet kind of grosses me out. That means you should wash your duvet cover or blanket, or whatever is in contact with your skin every time you wash your sheets. No thanks!

  7. Rachel R.

    Actually I totally disagree about ditching the top sheet.
    I did this for years: the upshot is that you have to wash your duvet cover much more often than you have to do if you use a top sheet.
    Besides, it takes a lot less time to change the top sheet weekly (or bi-weekly) than it does to change your duvet cover.

  8. Gina

    I agree with those who said that the top sheet is necessary unless you want to be washing your duvet cover regularly. My duvet cover is dry clean only so that just wouldn’t work.

    Also, I echo Cassandra’s comment about wanting instructions for making my bed look show room ready. ( I understand it will require more than the suggested 30 seconds)


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