How to Decorate with Mirrors


It’s time to deck the walls! Rather than focus on wall art, we thought we’d follow suit during this reflective time of year and share a few thoughts on decorating with mirrors.

We asked Room & Board’s Photo Director Nancy Stancati for tips on how to  add mirrors to a space.

“I would say don’t limit yourself to the bedroom or entry. Put mirrors over a fireplace, sofa, above a dining buffet, etc. They’re nice to use as a backdrop, or as an anchor to lean additional artwork or frames against.”


“Be thoughtful in how high you hang them. For instance, whoever hung the mirror in my bathroom before I moved in must have been very tall as it is reflecting my head and shoulders only. Think about your guests who are going to use it as well.”


“Adding a mirror is a great way to add lightness and brightness to a room. It almost acts as another window by reflecting more natural light back into a space.”


Get more ideas for decorating mirrors here or on our Reflection pin board.

Photos by Room & Board

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