Insider’s Guide: Annual Clearance Event

Clearance event

Our annual clearance and floor sample event starts December 26. Here’s the inside scoop on how to shop it like a pro.

There are two ways to shop:

1) Online. Items that are discontinued (meaning that we will no longer be selling them in 2016) will be on clearance at 20-50 percent off. Pro tip: You can get a preview of the sale by looking on now for items marked “Discontinued 12/26.” If there is stock left of these items on December 26, they will go on clearance. Things tend to sell out quickly, so it’s a good idea to act fast if you have your eye on something. Sorry, no price adjustments on purchases made before December 26.

2) In our stores. On December 26 our stores discount their floor samples of discontinued items and also mark down items from our current assortment they’re taking off display. So unlike the online clearance, it’s a mix of discontinued and current furniture. We price items based on their condition—some things look perfect, others are a little worn. The tag will show you if an item is on clearance (meaning you could potentially find it on clearance online too), or if it’s just a floor sample (meaning we’re taking the item off display in the store, but it’s still part of our assortment).

Clearance event crowd

Waiting for the Seattle showroom to open for last year’s clearance event.

Pro tips for your store visit:

Arrive early for the best selection. Every store has a line at the door before it opens, so grab a coffee and join in the fun with your fellow Room & Board fans.

Keep in mind that our store floor samples are sold as is and can’t be returned—it’s best to know your measurements and give everything a close look before you buy. This is also why you have to be at the store in person to buy a floor sample. We want to make sure you know what you’re getting.

A couple more good-to-knows: Because we keep floor samples in the store until we bring in new items for 2016, floor samples can’t be delivered or picked up until mid-January. In addition, we can only deliver floor sample items locally (within 100 miles of our stores). Fear not if you live farther away: our online clearance items can be delivered anywhere within the contiguous U.S. in our usual time frame (one to three weeks depending on your location). Last but not least, online clearance items can be returned or exchanged, store floor sample items cannot.

No matter how you shop, December 26 is an exciting day to stop by Room & Board, virtually or in person. Not only will you be able to shop our clearance and floor sample events, you can also see all of our new 2016 items online or pick up our new 2016 catalog in our stores.

Questions? Leave a comment or contact us. Happy shopping!

Photos by Room & Board.

11 Responses to “Insider’s Guide: Annual Clearance Event”

    • Kate Lloyd

      Hi Laura! We don’t explicitly share that information because it can change from year to year. However, it typically happens overnight while most people are sleeping. Hope you found what you were looking for!

  1. Stacy Hinz

    People should also know that apparently employees (or others?) can pre-shop. I arrived early and waited 2+ hours in line. Was one of the first people in the store, went straight for my piece and even though I was ‘first’ it was sold before the doors even opened. Major disappointment and not a very customer centric policy.

    • Kate Lloyd

      Hi Stacy! Thanks for writing. We are sorry to hear you had a disappointing experience in our showroom. Room & Board employees are not allowed to pre-shop our Annual Clearance Event. Which store did you visit and which piece were you seeking? Did you speak with someone working that day?

      • Stacy Hinz

        Thanks for responding. I was shopping at the Seattle, University Village store. I definitely spoke to an employee, he was helping a woman with a dresser right next to me, after he was done helping her I flagged him over and asked about the piece (the Hoffman bed). I said it had the sticker on it saying ‘fabric changing 12/26’ but no clearance tag. He said it must already be sold. I mentioned to him that I was one of the first people in the store and no one was in front of me as I walked directly to the piece. He said that it must have been purchased by an employee because they have first pick. I was shocked by this and said that I wished I would have known that before waiting in line for 2+ hours. He shrugged and walked away.

        • Kate Lloyd

          You bet! We shared your story with our Seattle store team. They are very sorry for the inconvenience this caused and wish they could do more. I’d encourage you to keep an eye on the Clearance section of our website. You never know, your dream bed could appear.

  2. Stacy Hinz

    I’ve been pondering this reply since posted and am really disappointed in it. The store could have done more, they could have been responsible in following policy. This is the second really bad experience with this store (the other happened to my friend). It’s unfortunate that the customer experience in Seattle does not match look of the showroom. Regrettably there are pieces I need to complete looks already in my home, so I cannot do what I would like and take my business elsewhere. Overall this has turned my initial love of your store to a very disappointing experience and I wish that I had not bought half the furniture in my home from your store. I am even more disappointed that I convinced my friend her poor experience had to have been a one off, when it should have been a red flag.

    • Kate Lloyd

      Hi Stacy. What’s the best way to get in touch with you? Please share your contact info and someone will be reaching out to you shortly. Thanks!

  3. Zoey J.

    I hope you give Stacy H. a discount on her next purchase because that’s a very off-putting scenario she described. Your potential customers (like me) do read this blog. As a company, you have a lot of word-of-mouth goodwill amongst the generally well educated, environmentally-conscious, and design-savvy set, who do recommend your company in groups on Facebook and Bigtent. Some of these groups have thousands of members who trust each other’s opinions and reviews because they are connected through college, parenthood, and neighborhood. Spending a huge chunk of disposable income on furniture makes them very careful in their research. If you get the likes of Stacy and her friend reporting their annoyances, those reviews become part of the search archives in these groups indefinitely.

    Just saying…

  4. Stacy Hinz

    I wanted to follow up in this space since my initial comment was here. I was personally contacted by Kiersea, one of the Leadership Associates in the Seattle store and had a very productive conversation with her about my experience. While it’s clear R&B has some kinks to work out in their customer communication/policies on this clearance event I am very satisfied with the follow up I received when I spoke with her. I feel better about my experience and feel that someone finally listened, which was all I was really asking. Based on her follow up I will continue to shop at R&B….thankfully because it is one of my favorite stores!

    I also should share that I had an amazing experience shopping with Sophie in the Seattle store back in October when we got a bed for my son’s room- she took the time to show him (a 7 year old) all his options for the new bed he was picking for his room, he was very specific he wanted a ‘modern’ bed and chose the Piper Walnut bed in natural steel. It looks amazing and delivery + set up took about 5 total minutes.

  5. Val

    Does anyone know if items that are already listed in the clearance section online will be marked down further on 12/26?


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