Friday High Five: Classic Kitchen Essentials


Are you cooking up a storm like we are this month? Something about the cool weather makes us want to fire up the oven and hang out in the kitchen, which got us talking about our must-have, classic kitchen essentials. Do these make your list? What would you add?

1. Chemex® Coffeemaker. But first, coffee. Unchanged since 1941, the Chemex coffeemaker is so iconic it’s on permanent display at MOMA. It makes a perfect cup of smooth coffee and seriously elevates your morning caffeine ritual.

2. Le Creuset® cookware. Every kitchen needs a Dutch oven, so it may as well be the enduring, gorgeous Le Creuset. In fact, right now you can have a true classic–their original 1925 cocotte in Vintage Flame. We estimate it will last another 90 years.

3. Tivoli radio. The timeless look of Tivoli’s radios are right at home in the kitchen plus they’re small enough to tuck onto the shelf with the cookbooks. Your favorite tunes, a night of cooking, a glass (or two) of wine—that’s a recipe for fun.

4. KitchenAid® stand mixer. This kitchen powerhouse does more than mix cookie dough. With all of the attachments, you can make pasta, grind meat or grains, whip up a batch of ice cream or spiralize zucchini. And we’re a sucker for any appliance that you can color coordinate with your decor.

5. Yellow lemon squeezer. It’s shocking how many things require lemon juice and how often we reach for this handy kitchen tool. There are lots of variations out there, but we like this sturdy version with color-coded companion juicers for oranges and limes.

Photo by Chemex

P.S. We do not get paid to promote the people, places and things we share with you on our blog. Nor do we accept gifts (as fun as that sounds). You’ll read a lot about Room & Board and our products, of course, but when we share things from outside our walls, it simply means we love it and want you to know about it.

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