How to Pair a Sofa and Chair


A great sofa and chair pairing can make any room stylish and inviting. We keep three key themes in mind when seeking the perfect partnership between sofas and chairs: design, scale and materials. This trifecta works in tandem to help create a lounge space that’s as comfortable as it is eye-catching. We picked some of our favorite sofa and chair combos and analyzed why they work so well together.

If you’re drawn to mid-century style, our André sofa + Callan leather chair (featured above) are a natural combination.

  1. Design: André’s button-tufted back and Callan’s channeled back both add classic textures to this room. These design details are different enough that they don’t compete with each other, allowing each piece to shine.
  2. Scale: The chair’s softer shape beautifully complements the tightly tailored sofa.
  3. Materials: Both André and Callan feature vintage-inspired wood bases, paired with either a comfortable fabric or leather, for a stunning mix of materials.



Our Reese sofa also offers timeless, mid-century-inspired design and pairs back beautifully to a classic lounge chair Beau.

  1. Design: Reese’s tailored, classic look complements Beau’s equally classic, yet lounge-worthy, design. We love how both pieces harness the mid-century vibe.
  2. Scale: Because the sofa has a shorter back, the Beau lounge chair does a beautiful job of adding visual interest to this room with its high back and wide shape. (Bonus: Beau is the perfect scale to pair back to a Reese sectional, too.)
  3. Materials: You can’t go wrong with a classic warm leather accent in any room.



If you’re drawn to high-personality pairings, our Wells leather sofa + Oskar lounge chair are a perfect match.

  1. Design: An artisan chair in natural wood, like Oskar, is the perfect design complement to this timeless sofa frame. Its intricate shape and curves contrast the smooth, tailored look of the high-personality sofa, but don’t take away from it.
  2. Scale: The sofa and chair both offer a large seat but Oskar’s refined, artisanal size and shape give it a light presence that offsets Wells’ grand design.
  3. Materials: Warm leathers, like our Brighton camel featured on Wells, look striking with natural woods.



The combination of our Sabine sofa  + Chloe leather chair is a sophisticated pair.

  1. Design: The refinement of Sabine calls out for a like-minded chair, so Chloe is the perfect match. Though the overall shapes of this sofa and chair aren’t similar, a nod to sophisticated design makes them an agreeable duo.
  2. Scale: Chloe’s unique shape and size is a beautiful point of difference to the square, angular details of Sabine.
  3. Materials: Sabine’s velvet fabric and stainless steel base next to Chloe’s smooth leather seat and wood legs are a testament to the beauty offered by a mix of materials.



If you’re drawn to classic combos, our Dean sectional and new Nara leather chair are a beautiful pair that will never go out of style.

  1. Design: This is a great sofa sectional and chair pairing because both pieces showcase different elements of architectural design. Dean’s clean, classic lines balance Nara’s artisanal appeal.
  2. Scale: You can see how Nara’s slatted back creates open space, which is a welcome point of contrast from the strong lines of the sofa.
  3. Materials: A gorgeous wood chair will always brighten up a room and offer stunning distinction when paired with a modern, sleek sofa.



Our Metro sectional and Carlo swivel chair are the ultimate in classic comfort and style.

  1. Design: A large, cozy chair with an organic shape always pairs back beautifully to a modern, clean looking sofa.
  2. Scale: The sofa sectional features a low profile for a modern look, so the chair’s organic shape and scale lend contrast.
  3. Materials: A modern mix of materials makes this pairing undeniably fresh.

Photos by Room & Board

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