Friday High Five: Scandinavian Style


Scandinavian inspired design is experiencing a revival, and we couldn’t be happier. Functional, material-driven, minimalist design is our gospel and we’re glad to see it’s converting interiors everywhere we look. Although some would call it a “trend,” this approach to design is anything but. Here are five ways to infuse Scandinavian style into your own home in a timeless, lasting way.

  1. Use white as the foundation. With long winters and short days, white helps the Scandinavians keep interiors bright and happy. White walls are an easy place to start. Here are designer picks for white paint, but of course we’re partial to our own Room & Board White (available in our stores).
  2. Add an artisan chair. Think Hans Wagner or Arne Jacobsen designs—sculptural, comfortable and always in style.
  3. Don’t shy from wood. Natural materials, like solid wood, take center stage in Scandinavian design. Add warmth and texture with solid wood floors (loving grey-stained wood in a herringbone pattern right now) or a statement cocktail table or dining table.
  4. Splash some color. White and wood create a clean palette for a simple pop of color. A piece of art, like our Boissiere silkscreens, liven up a space with saturated color.
  5. Bring in texture. Keep things from feeling flat by adding texture through rugs, pillows or upholstery. Sheepskin, wool or linen in natural colors will do the trick.

Photo by Room & Board

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