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You’ve probably heard the disturbing news. Sitting for extended periods of time—like a lot of us do at work—has been linked to increases in heart disease, obesity and diabetes. And NPR reported on a study that links sedentary behavior with a greater likelihood of being disabled after age 60.  Unfortunately, even working out regularly doesn’t decrease your risk for these conditions.

Great. So what are we supposed to do? Thankfully, the answer is pretty simple. Stand up and get moving.

At Room & Board, we’ve being working on doing just that. Employees at our corporate office in Minneapolis have been utilizing standing desks. Beautifully designed and built for a healthy workday, our Float® desk from Humanscale® and our new SW® Electric Height Adjustable desk from Okamura, let you easily alternate between sitting and standing with smooth and quiet height adjustability.

As it turns out, this is a great idea. According to the ergonomics experts at Humanscale, standing for as little as three minutes each hour resets your body’s metabolism just enough to counteract the previous 57 minutes of sitting. While three minutes is good, Humanscale notes that splitting your day 50/50 between standing and sitting is best. So that was our goal when we decided to make the switch.

It’s fair to say we had some trepidation about abandoning our sedentary ways. Would our feet hurt? Would we feel more tired from standing so much? Turns out the opposite was true. While we quickly learned comfortable footwear is key, everyone on our team who’s tried the standing desk has felt more energized throughout the day. And because it’s so simple to switch the height from a standing to a sitting position, it’s easy to take a break when we need to.

Float Height Adjustable Desk

The Float desk’s unique counterbalanced mechanism allows the desktop to smoothly “float” up or down when you engage the one-handed release lever. The desk moves quickly and quietly without electric motors or cranks. The tension can also be adjusted to accommodate the weight of items placed on the surface. With clean lines and an array of top and base options, this ergonomic and health-conscious desk complements any work environment.

Float Desk with Freedom Pony Saddle Stool


The Float® desk features a unique counterbalanced mechanism that allows the desktop to smoothly “float” up or down when the one-handed release lever is engaged.

SW Electric Height Adjustable Desk

The SW desk features smooth and quiet height adjustability, electronically. With three customizable settings, you can ensure the desk is always at the exact height you prefer. The desk also stops automatically when the surface comes in contact with an unknown object. Enjoy this safe and stylish desk option that offers the freedom to work the way you want.

SW desk in office with Runa swivel chair

Easily alternate between sitting and standing throughout your workday with this desk's smooth and quiet height adjustability, electronically operated to make adjustment easier than ever.

Do you have a standing desk at your office? Any tricks to avoid sitting all day? Tell us all about it in the comments!

Photos by Room & Board

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