Denver Store Renovation: March Update

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Our Denver store renovation is heating up! Our Denver store used to be just one level and covered 20,000 square feet. Now, a second floor showroom space has been built and is open for business. (Not to mention a parking garage and a 7,000-square-foot rooftop deck that are in the works.) The Denver store, which will boast an additional 8,000 square feet of inspirational showroom space once complete, is open during regular business hours through all three phases of this renovation.

Phase 1A (complete!): New Construction – second floor

Phase 1B (current): New construction – rooftop deck

Phase 2 (to come): Basement Remodel

Phase 3 (to come): Main Floor Remodel

The delivery and retail teams worked tirelessly to move furniture into the new showroom space on March 6. Check it out!

Denver store renovation

Moving into the new second floor!

Denver store renovation

New showroom space, before the furniture arrived.

Denver store renovation

And after the furniture arrived.

Denver store renovation

More inspirational showroom space, pre-furniture.

Denver store renovation


Denver store renovation

New modern bedroom space + a glimpse of the outdoor patio.

Denver store renovation

Rooftop patio work is progressing nicely.

Denver store renovation

Don’t look down! The basement is in full-demo mode.

Check back in April for the latest Denver store renovation updates. Fingers crossed we’ll have photos of a complete rooftop deck. P.S. did you catch our January update?

Photos by Room & Board

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