We Oppose North Carolina’s HB2 Law

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At Room & Board we believe in equality for all. That is why we are disappointed by the passage of HB2 in the North Carolina General Assembly. The HB2 law sets a statewide definition of classes of people who are protected against discrimination and it does not include sexual orientation or gender identity. Today we issued the following statement:

“HB2 is contrary to Room & Board’s principles and values. The law will negatively impact the home furnishings industry, which is a significant contributor to the state’s economy. Of even greater concern, the law is demeaning and discriminatory to individuals of the LGBT community.

Room & Board partners with more than 50 US-based companies in 20 different states. This includes several North Carolina-based manufacturers who employ thousands of employees. Room & Board operates a 148,000-square-foot distribution center in Lincolnton. Its nine staff members manage more than $100 million in product annually. The company is also a founding member of the Sustainable Furnishings Council, the North Carolina-based non-profit industry association committed to promoting sustainable practices within the home furnishings industry.

As a retailer focused on helping customers create homes they love, we have long supported efforts dedicated to strengthening home and family. We take pride in providing a balanced and positive work environment that is based on trust, fairness and respect. This core philosophy shapes the relationships we have with our customers, vendor partners and staff members.

Please join us in recognizing the strength of inclusion. We urge Governor McCrory and North Carolina state legislators to repeal the law.”

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17 Responses to “We Oppose North Carolina’s HB2 Law”

  1. Josh Miller

    As long as Room and Board continues to operate facilities, and partner with manufacturers in North Carolina my wife and I will not purchase any more furniture from Room and Board. A strong message needs to be sent to North Carolina that the world will not do business with it if it chooses to create laws with the sole purpose of discriminating against people.

  2. George Carter

    I am a long time Room & Board customer and just purchased a new sofa out of your Chelsea store in NYC in December 2015. That’s great, but I wish companies would pull out of NC until the bill is rescinded. I am originally from NC and have lots of family there, however, I left almost 30 years ago, and would never live there. I think the only move that will make Governor McCrory and his Republican super majority house & senate change their stance is to hurt the state financially. Only then will they change. Take your business elsewhere.

  3. Larry Badesch

    I agree that Room and Board should cease doing business with the NC firms and move the warehouse to another state. Your posting is nice and supportive and all but is really an empty threat.

    I have only furnished my homes with Room and Board furniture since 1994. I would have to revisit that decision without some action from your great firm.

    • Juan

      I couldn’t agree with you more. The statement was just words and since the company isn’t choosing to do anything but put out a simple statement, I will shop elsewhere.

  4. Dan Dankert

    I am a longtime customer of Room and Board, and while the statement is great, actions speak louder than words! I hope the overwhelming support of concerned citizens to this will prove that laws like these have no place in the world today.

  5. Jarret Yoshida

    My name is Jarret Yoshida. Long time purchaser of Room and Board products for my clients. I’m happy to write that Room and Board has been a long-time supporter of the rights of gays and lesbians and those affected by HIV, often without seeking attention for their generosity.

    I fundraise often. Room and Board has consistently given to different charities related to housing and hiv/aids when I ask. I also know they have donated to gay and lesbian youth homeless housing and most of those kids happen to be racial minorities.

    They may not be able to just withdraw their entire infrastructure from NC, but Room and Board definitely has always stood up for the rights of the downtrodden in this fight.

  6. Connie Chung

    This has no teeth.

    This is 4 paragraphs about R&B, and one soft statement about urging the Gov to do something else.

    Nothing about pulling out of NC, no petition, nothing.


  7. Daniel

    Pull out of North Carolina??? Do you people have any knowledge of business whatsoever? The majority of upholstery is built there. Pulling out would require closing down all of their stores throughout the country for probably a year or more. Are you really advocating putting thousands of people out of work to take a stronger stand? No. Room and Board is doing was is appropriate to the situation . As always they are supporting the rights of the LGTBQ community. They have done this in both word and deed (and money!) in the past and I have no doubt they will continue to do so in the future. They aren’t morally required to sacrifice the livelihood of their employees and partners’ employees too.

    • Juan

      Keep drinking the koolaid. Hmm, I bet you’re a Room and Board employee.

  8. Dan Moynihan

    Room and Board has been very supportive of gay and lesbian rights in the past. I know because they have helped me with many previous LGBT charity events.

    I would encourage others to critique those who are standing in the way of progress, not those who are already supporting us.

    • Juan

      We are critiquing a company that has a lot of power by choosing not to do business in NC – that is the real power, not some empty statement about the NC legislature repealing the law they passed. Power of the consumer and power of the dollar.

  9. Fernando

    I support HB2 and will no longer do any business with this or any other company that oppose it. Most of the people that oppose it come to NC and vote the way they did in there home state that they left. Keep NC great and support HB2.

    • Juan

      Umm, its the United States – we are allowed to move from state to state. You are one sick pup for agreeing with discrimination of any kind, and I don’t care who its against.

  10. Juan

    Talk is cheap! This public statement means nothing – merely put out to cover the company’s butt. Funny how the public statement calls on the NC legislature to do something about the HB2 law – um, the same legislature that passed the law? Nice try Room & Board. If you really cared about your customers and staff being discriminated against you would have used the power of the dollar and threatened to pull out of NC.

    I will no longer shop at Room & Board. I will set up a return of the product I own or do a charge back to my credit card.

  11. Ruin and Bored

    Standard R&B statement, i.e. bullshit.. We disagree with this but not enough to stop turning a profit. We are outraged but please buy our overpriced junk.


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