Comfort Meets Style

modern recliner

Does hearing “recliner” automatically make you think of the bulky, worn-in chair at Grandpa’s house? It seems the more we reminisce over “recliner,” the more we’re reminded the most comfortable things in life aren’t the easiest on the eyes.

But we believe you shouldn’t have to sacrifice the style you want for the cozy feeling you love. Our recliners blend sleek design with incredible comfort and are just the start of inspirational products that seamlessly pair these two characteristics together. The Dalton leather recliner (pictured above) has all the comfort of a recliner without a bulky lever. It features a smooth and modern mechanism that simply requires you to push back on the chair to extend the footrest for all-day relaxation. Needless to say, this is not your grandpa’s recliner.

Where else does comfort meet style?

Accent pillows: Our accent pillows are made from soft, plush materials (think mohair, sheepskin, velvet, natural linen) and are beautifully handcrafted to showcase globally inspired patterns you can mix and match, bringing soft style to your home.

modern accent pillows

Sleeper sofas: Our new Allston sleeper sofa is so sleek and small in scale, you’ll be surprised its supportive mattress offers such a luxurious option for overnight guests. With a thick foam mattress that makes it feel just like a real bed, the back of the Allston sleeper folds down to become part of the sleep surface—giving you even more comfort in smart, modern design. No need to pick one or the other.

modern sleeper sofa

modern sleeper sofa

Upholstered beds: Our Avery bed, and all of our upholstered beds, adds so much extra comfort while you sleep, and still manages to maximize beautiful details. The tufted headboard adds style, and the soft fabric is perfect if you like to sit up in bed as you read or stream.

modern upholstered bed


A few other items we found that do a beautiful job of marrying comfort and style:


This chambray “field bed” sleeping bag from Scout Seattle. Anyone for a camping trip?


The baseball cap trend is like a dream come true. You can feel put together on low-key days by adding a stylish cap that keeps you feeling comfortable.

Men’s and women’s clothing made from technical cashmere at Kit and Ace is so stylish and comfortable, you’ll wonder how you were ever without it.

Images by Room & Board, Scout Seattle, herfavoritelaKit and Ace

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