Denver Store Renovation: June Update


It’s been a few months since our last Denver store renovation update and we’re excited to share the latest news with you. The store used to be just one level and covered 20,000 square feet. Now, a second floor showroom space and a rooftop deck (photo shown above) have been built and are open for business. The Denver store, which will feature an additional 8,000 square feet of inspirational showroom space once complete, is open during regular business hours through all three phases of this renovation.

Phase 1A (complete!): New construction of second floor

Phase 1B (complete!): New construction of rooftop deck

Phase 2 (current): Basement remodel

Phase 3 (to come): Main floor remodel


Landscaping has been installed along 2nd street. Love that mix of wood and concrete with some welcoming greenery.

The grid ceiling has been installed.


New wood flooring covers where the old stairway used to be.


And just for fun, this is what the reflecting pool on the rooftop deck looked like before it was filled.

We are getting so close to full completion of the Denver renovation and are happy you’ve stayed along for the ride. Check back in July for the latest updates. P.S. Did you catch our last post that shows our modern furniture filling up our newly built second floor?

Photos by Room & Board

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