Taylor KippelsTaylor Blog PhotoTaylor: Social Media Coordinator for Room & Board
Thinks about: what’s for dinner, the future, feminism
Likes: baking, coloring books for adults, foreign films
Wants to try: pottery classes, homemade donuts, gardening
What works: cookies for breakfast, public art, cinnamon raisin peanut butter
What doesn’t: selfie sticks, oysters, hangnails

Lyndsay LeClair snapshotlyndsbwLyndsay: Copywriter for Room & Board
Thinks about: staying healthy, proper grammar
Likes: DIY furniture refinishing, closet organizing, designing for friends
Wants to try: swimming lessons, eating vegan
(see also: things I’m afraid of)
What works: green smoothies, reading good books
What doesn’t: horror movies, strategy board games, staying angry


Merritt Rethlake IMG_2751-1Merritt: Copywriter for Room & Board
Thinks about: home design, branding, burritos
Likes: dinner time, road trips, befriending cats
Wants to try: rock climbing, sticking to a budget
What works: coffee, playlists, Google Maps
What doesn’t: math, DIY projects, country music


Jen Wittkopf photoJen: Senior Copywriter for Room & Board
Thinks about: organized homes, inspiring words, what’s for dinner
Likes: rescue dogs, stand-up paddleboarding,
Lambeau Field
Wants to try: organizing my home, running a marathon, remaining calm in a crisis
What works: roaring fires, traveling with my kids, coffee
What doesn’t: snakes, salmon, the word “moist”

Kalin LeBrunkalinKalin: Marketing Coordinator for Room & Board
Thinks about:
modern design, cats, puns
traveling, handwritten notes, plot twists
Wants to try:
snowboarding, making homemade pasta
What works:
kindness, charcuterie trays, good books, chambray shirts
What doesn’t:
wide-ruled paper, socks with sandals, horror movies


Kate LloydKate Blog PhotoKate: PR/media contact for Room & Board
Thinks about: new business ideas, the future
Likes: traveling, architecture, live music, bulldogs, golden retrievers
Wants to try: violin lessons, skydiving, organic
farming, driving a stick shift, writing a children’s book
What works: bagel ‘n schmear, Scandinavian
design, annual cleanses, thank-you notes, freshly laundered sheets
What doesn’t: country music, poor grammar,


Nicole SoykaNicole Blog PhotoNicole: Social Media Coordinator for Room & Board
Thinks about: French bulldogs, home design, guacamole
Likes: running outside, fishing, being a twin, lists
Wants to try: glass blowing, bungee jumping, making wine
What works: color-coded planners, anything with bacon, cabins, yoga
What doesn’t: unpainted toenails, socks with crocks, clutter