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David Goodrowe

10 Questions with David Goodrowe

Following over 20 years in fashion and interior design, David Goodrowe co-founded Goodrowe Hobby in 2011. As an Aesthetic Identity Designer, Goodrowe works with businesses and…

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10 Questions with Michael Boodro

Michael Boodro is a household name among design aficionados. He currently serves as the editor in chief of Elle Decor, playing a critical role in delivering a much-anticipated…

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Q&A with Kathryn M. Ireland

Kathryn M. Ireland is a British-born, Los Angeles-based interiors and textile designer who stars in Bravo TV’s Million Dollar Decorators. She is also the author of…

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5 Questions with Clare Vivier

Clare Vivier is a woman after our own heart. Her stunning line of classic totes, clutches and laptop cases have timeless appeal and U.S.-made quality that we…

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5 Questions with Deborah Needleman

Deborah Needleman is a force in the home design world. She currently serves as the editor in chief of The New York Times’ T Magazine. She…

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5 Questions with Jeanine Hays

Jeanine Hays is a regular contributor to HGTV and the woman behind the interior design blog AphroChic. She and her husband, Bryan, recently released their first…

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