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Tyne Cocktail Table with Slim End Table

Why this room works

  1. The Tyne cocktail table complements the artful sofa, chair and rug in this room with a clean, minimalist design. Its glass top ensures you can still see the beauty of all pieces from any angle.
  2. Instead of setting two end tables on either side of the sofa, we opted for a Slim end table on one side and the Tri-plex floor lamp on the other to create visual interest. Both made from metals, these designs beautifully mimic each other's looks.
  3. The Saarinen end table sits flush with the arm of the Aidan accent chair, making it easy to reach. The round design breaks up the clean, tailored lines of the other pieces in this modern living room.
Tyne Cocktail Tables in Natural Steel
Options Changing 12/26 Tyne Cocktail Tables in Natural Steel
$399 - $1,229
Lamour Sofas
Discontinued 12/26 Lamour Sofas
$1,999 - $2,199
Aidan Chair & Ottoman in Pasha Fabric
Fabric Changing 12/26 Aidan Chair & Ottoman in Pasha Fabric
$499 - $1,549
Amira Rugs
Amira Rugs
$1,099 - $1,299
Sheepskin Rugs
Sheepskin Rugs
$109 - $1,129
Mohair Pillows
Mohair Pillows
$129 - $169
Shimmer Pillows
Shimmer Pillows
$69 - $99

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