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Chapman Bed with Addison Bookcases

Why this room works

  1. The Chapman bed beautifully displays a mix of materials and gives this bedroom an ultra-modern feel. Bright bedding and accent pillows provide color contrast to the steel and dark upholstery.
  2. Create an in-bedroom work station with the Aria table. The pedestal base is a major space saver in this smaller bedroom.
  3. Enjoy softness underfoot with a wool rug. It adds cozy texture to this sleek, modern bedroom.
Chapman Bed
New Option Chapman Bed
$799 - $1,299
Addison 30w Bookcases
Addison 30w Bookcases
$900 - $1,300
Aria Tables
New Option Aria Tables
$549 - $2,899
Hoop Chair
New Hoop Chair
Alden Nightstands
Alden Nightstands
$699 - $799
Cardiff Rugs
New Cardiff Rugs
$999 - $2,999
Profile Frames in Bark
New Profile Frames in Bark
$59 - $99
Mohair Pillows
Mohair Pillows
$129 - $169
Mohair Pillows
Mohair Pillows
$129 - $169

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