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Ella Upholstered Bed

Why this room works

  1. Maximize on comfort with an upholstered bed.
  2. Beautiful and easy to move around the room, our Kilim ottomans pack texture and comfort into small-scale design. This ottoman makes a perfect finishing touch for this soft, serene bedroom.
  3. Make bedroom storage beautiful with the Alden bench. This is a great solution if you don’t need an entire dresser.
Ella Bed
Ella Bed
$1,199 - $1,699
Alden Benches
New Alden Benches
$1,199 - $1,399
Chloe Leather Chair
New Option Chloe Leather Chair
Greene End Tables
New Option Greene End Tables
$499 - $749
Tulum Rugs
New Option Tulum Rugs
$599 - $1,699
Velvet Pillows
Velvet Pillows
$79 - $99
Velvet Pillows
Velvet Pillows
$79 - $99