Hudson Collection in Shell Stain

Why this room works

  1. Choose an armoire for a modern design on a traditional piece. This bedroom offers ample space, so a large-size storage piece balances out the room.
  2. A beautiful mix of materials, the Lira Chair is perfectly nestled into the corner of this room. A combination of leather and stainless steel, this versatile chair breaks up all the wood in this bedroom.
  3. Between stone walls and wood floors, a rug nicely softens up this space. This Cable Rug is like a cozy sweater for your floor.
Hudson Bed
Hudson Bed
$1,199 - $1,999
Cable Rugs
Cable Rugs
$1,099 - $2,299
Tolomeo Table Lamp
Tolomeo Table Lamp
$380 - $390
Mohair Pillows
New Option Mohair Pillows
$129 - $169
Herringbone Pillows
New Option Herringbone Pillows
$129 - $149

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