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Chilton Table & Jansen Chairs Dining Room

Why this room works

  1. A truly artistic piece, our Chilton table serves as a focal point in this room. Its unique shape allows it to pair with a variety of dining chairs, so you can match them to your style.
  2. The console table seamlessly acts as a modern divider between the living space and dining space without being obtrusive.
  3. Lamps, frames and accessories all do their part in completing this room. It's always a good idea to add a personal touch to the room.
Chilton 84w Table in Walnut
Limited Quantity Chilton 84w Table in Walnut
$2,699 - $2,899
Anders Media Cabinets
Anders Media Cabinets
$1,799 - $4,199
Heriz Rugs
Heriz Rugs
$2,299 - $2,999
Aurora Pendants
Aurora Pendants
$149 - $229
Rayas Table Lamps
New Option Rayas Table Lamps

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