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Corbett Dining Table in Walnut with Lira Chairs

Why this room works

  1. The Corbett table takes a cue from the hardwood floors in this modern dining room. A generous overhang means dining chairs easily slide underneath when not in use.
  2. You can lounge all day in Lira dining chairs. A contemporary twist on a traditional chair, Lira features a soft gray, upholstered seat that beautifully contrasts the warm wood.
  3. Cast a soft, diffused glow in your dining room with Waltz pendants. Hanging them at varying heights creates visual interest to always keep this space looking fresh.
Corbett Tables
New Option Corbett Tables
$2,099 - $3,199
Lira Chair
New Option Lira Chair
Coen Media Cabinet
Coen Media Cabinet
$2,499 - $4,299
Waltz Pendants
Waltz Pendants
$329 - $489
KleinReid Sur Vases
KleinReid Sur Vases
$209 - $269