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Corbett Table with Ava Leather Chairs

Why this room works

  1. The softness and tone of this rug lighten up the room, which is mostly filled with dark accents.
  2. Leather dining chairs balance out the Corbett Table, and their comfortable seats encourage guest to linger at the table a little longer.
  3. Opt for multiple lighting pendants when you have a large dining table. Not only will it help balance out the room visually, but two pendants here allow light to be distributed evenly.
Corbett Tables
Corbett Tables
$2,099 - $3,199
Smith Media Cabinets
Smith Media Cabinets
$1,699 - $2,999
Ava Chairs in Leather
Leather Changing 12/26 Ava Chairs in Leather
$599 - $649
Sierra Rugs
Discontinued 12/26 Sierra Rugs
$2,699 - $3,499
Aurora Pendants
Aurora Pendants
$149 - $229

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