Rand Table & Fulton Chair Dining Room

Why this room works

  1. Who says dining room furniture needs to come in “sets”? We love the look of mixing materials and finishes. Unified by an ebony color palette and clean lines, the chairs, table, storage cabinet and light fixture create a dramatic space for serving meals.
  2. A glass table top is a great value, and the perfect way to show off an intricate or highly textured rug while you’re sitting at the table.
  3. There’s no need to hide away dishes and glassware. Let them become a design element in your space by using a large cabinet with glass doors. Need a bigger cabinet? Just check this out - cabinet builder...
Chilton Bench in Cherry
Limited Quantity Chilton Bench in Cherry
$1,499 - $1,599
Sierra Rugs
Sierra Rugs
$2,699 - $3,499

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